I am a photographer who combines my experiences of both East and West to create a style that is uniquely my own.

My name is Lok Wong. Pleased to meet you!



First, thank you for visiting this lovely corner of my site!


A little bit about me. I was born in Munich, Germany where I grew up around the pristine lakes and beautiful mountains in a small Bavarian Town.


At the age of ten my family moved to Cornwall, England. There I studied and grew up around the serene seaside where I would often walk take in the magnificent views along the beach of St Ives and Hayle.


My father came from Hong Kong and worked as a chef in many European countries, my mother from Indonesian descent, so I grew up being part of many cultures and languages.


At the age of 23, after graduating from Bristol; I taught English in the High Schools of Okayama, Japan. During my twenties I also traveled around Asia, including Hong Kong and Singapore where I learned a lot from people in all walks of life.

Now I am mainly based in London as well as Hong Kong photographing weddings, pre-weddings, dancing and family photography.


As an Asian who grew up mainly in Europe and around western culture, I have developed a unique sense of direction in regards to my identity as well as my upbringing.


You can imagine the difficulty not being able to speak English at school but also not being fully fluent in Cantonese when I was young.

Some people may say, you are a person who is missing a core identity. Never fully “Chinese” and never fully “British” or “German” and so on and so forth. I disagree.


I believe being a person of both cultures, both East and West is a strength not a weakness. It allows me to create my photos in a style that’s both foreign and familiar. Its where Nature meets Urban, and  it’s where you can be sure that not matter rain or sun, the style will be very unique.


I feel thankful and blessed to have family and friends all over this beautiful world. All the way from the bustling city of Hong Kong, to the quiet countrysides of England, and combining my experiences in Japan and Germany, I feel very lucky to have learned, be taught and experienced cultures from all corners of society.

--Sometimes even on a rainy day, the moment presents itself in unique locations. The moment is usually what we make of it!--