“The moment only comes twice. Once when it happens, and then again when you remember that moment.”

The ‘moment’ is something we all strive to look for not only in our photos, but in our lives. I am of the belief that moments happen regardless whether there are people watching or not. Sometimes the best moments happen when no one is looking. A cherry blossom sheds its petals very naturally over time. The most natural  and most beautiful is when no one shakes it, only when the wind flows through it.



The moment doesn’t last and comes only once a year. I take the same philosophy for my work.



My style of photography, following this idea of ‘that moment when cherry blossom (or sakura in Japanese) blooms’, during a wedding is more documentary, and lean on the side of the more natural looking photos, uninterrupted, pure emotion and expression. Just you and the world. When it’s your wedding day, the day is about you and your partner, the last thing you would want in the middle of your most important vow or speech is a guy directing or telling you what to do. No Shaking of trees. Nothing artificial.



You spent a lot of money and time planning for this day, for this moment. Your moment.

I am just here to do my best to capture it (helping any way I can)!



With any weddings, each is unique in its own way. Every detail, every arrangement, every conversation is unique on the day.



Whilst there will be big moments, there will also be smaller one, ones you may have missed during the ceremony. The father’s moment of pride, the guests’ smiles, the goofiness in games and maybe even the emotional ones too. My style of photography will make sure that those moments will just be as prominent as everything else. Unobtrusive and natural. Sometimes the best moments are in the little details.



For some, the formal photos of your families and friends are really important and this is absolutely fine! This is where I would highly recommend a second shooter, my associate Helen is also an experienced photographer who shoots in a very similar style to mine and would most likely take photos of the guests whilst the formal photos of families are composed. While your other guests are having fun elsewhere, you can be sure that both parts will be covered in the same time-frame.



The anxiety about hiring a photographer is very real and I find a very good way to get to know each other, is often to just meet. As a person who grew up around people in all walks of life, I often find striking a conversation is the first step to a many great moments. After several emails, video chats and face to face consultations, we usually get to the stage where we know each other a lot more.



One thing I highly recommend is doing a pre-wedding shoot.. This is a great way for us to get to know each other but also gives us an opportunity to see how things mix! Its also a great preview to see how I work in “photo session”. This philosophy of working together as a unit is something I strongly believe in my other collections.



The style of a pre-wedding varies as its a little bit more composed but often than not its just a fun afternoon out-in-town “going on a date” type of day, while I am there, again, to capture it all. Couples often want to keep these photos for themselves and sometimes even use these photos on their invitation cards or their own wedding websites. If in doubt, then try the pre-wedding first.